2020 Explorers’ Report

This year has been a busy one for the Explorers, we have averaged 18 members for most of the year and have moved weekly meetings. The section would not exist without the commitment and energy of the three leaders, Section leader Chakai (Claire), and Assistant Explorer leaders Araon and Kaa (John), a huge thank you to you all.

The year started with a trip to London in April to take part in the Monopoly run, a chance to explore lots of London and test out map reading skills in a city environment.  The Explorers team finished 159/168 and the leaders team finished 61/75 not bad for a bunch of country bumpkins!

In August we had a fantastic summer camp in Pembroke with a great turnout of 12 members attending, the camp had some fantastic events, canoeing, rock climbing and surfing as well as evenings watching the sunset over the sea and attempting to fish.  We were able to award a platinum award on camp.

Monday evenings have seen the section complete a first aid qualification expertly taught by Crispy, have a professional DJ lesson,   hikes around the Wiltshire Countryside, attempting pioneering skills, competed against each other in Bake off’s, shooting evenings and much amusement with Task Master evenings.

In October four of the Explorers carried out a Faith based expedition to London, visiting a Hindu temple to learn about a different religion, they managed to find their way back despite a storm causing travel issues.  They used their new-found knowledge and meditation skills to visit the Scout group which was very well received.

At Christmas we went to Whitehall to spend an evening Ice skating mixing with the younger Scouts and investing 2 new Explorers on the ice as well as drinking hot chocolate to get into the festive spirit.

In February we braved a trip to Swindon and the leaders managed to get locked into the Escape rooms with a group of Explorers unfortunately our investigative skills need to be improved as no-one managed to escape within the allocated time.

A global emergency won’t stop the dedicated Explorers and we have ended this year by moving our meetings on-line using Zoom to carry on with our weekly meetings and take part in virtual challenges instead.